Our first single. Contains an acoustic cover of "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Video directed by Jack King.

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Oct 21 2014
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UK TOUR 2015 !

Better start believing, your eyes are not deceiving,

After a long hiatus, a tour now awaits us,

In 2015 we’ll be playing rooms, maybe with smoke plumes,

Here is a poster to show where we’ll host ya.

Click the poster to meet a ticket supplier and we’ll see you there!


Oct 20 2014
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That’s right folks, Exit, Pursued By a Bear is finally out!


Click on that there picture to get closer to owning a copy. We’re really pleased with it and hope you will be too.

In the meantime, here are some videos that Taffel made to promote said EP, featuring some famous film scenes…

More news coming tomorrow…


Oct 08 2014
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Two videos are better than one.

Good evening,

As the release date for our new EP draws nearer we’re doing all we can to persuade everyone who encounters us to swap their money for our music. As part of this charm offensive/propaganda onslaught, we have filmed videos for each track on said EP. That means our Youtube subscribers will be spoilt with five videos in the coming weeks.

The first is for the opening track, Oh My Love. We’d like to thank the Boatshed Sessions crew and Twentieth Century Theatre for providing cameras and the venues, as well as Katie Craik for her behind the scenes footage.

With the help of help of a bewhiskered German, Grant chopped up lots of footage of us (including some sent in by our fans) to make the video below for another EP track, Constant Changing State of Us (Gold). Our thanks go to….

Our gig at the Courtyard Theatre on 22nd October has sold out so if you can’t make it, why not pre-order a copy of the EP here, or buy any other merchandise for that matter…

It’s also available here and here, with a few of them signed:

Xtra Mile Recordings: http://bit.ly/1uYdfA2 

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/TKAK-EPBAB-iTunes

Until the next video surfaces, adios.


Sep 22 2014
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Brand new music and a link to prove it!

Hello again.

Fresh from assorted summer soujourns to Sweden, Spain and Siam (aka Thailand - I couldn’t resist using its old name for alliterative purposes) it’s back to the daily grind for the five of us. In this case that involves finally releasing some new music in the shape of an extended player, more commonly known as an EP.

Said EP is entitled Exit, Pursued By a Bear, and below is a combination of the artwork (from regular co-conspirator Wolf James) and the first track, called Oh My Love.

We hope you enjoy the first fifth of the EP and if you do, we’d love you to head here to Hypem and like the track for us. This will increase our cool points immeasurably, which wouldn’t hurt at all.

If you’ve heard enough and are certain that the EP will be the soundtrack to your autumn/winter 2014, then why not go out on a limb and pre-order the whole darn thing based on this track alone. I once bought an album based purely on its cover, trusting just one sense and one sense only, so you’d be taking much less of a risk than I took back in 2003. Here’s how to do just that:

For signed vinyl, try our label Xtra Mile Recordings or our friends at Banquet Records.
and head to iTunes of you want a copy of Oh My Love STRAIGHT AWAY!
For those of you lucky or unlucky enough to live in London (depending on your viewpoint), we’ll be launching this EP into the musical stratosphere by playing a small gig at the Courtyard Theatre. Tickets are limited but can be obtained from the following link in a few swift clicks - http://bit.ly/1uTPQyS

 Finally, to celebrate all this we’ve got some new merch (including a t-shirt and a James David Murphy screen print) ready that you can pre-order with the vinyl too. Head here for that.

That’s enough for now, but stay tuned for more EP-related goings on very soon.




Aug 27 2014
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North American Tour highlights

Here’s a fresh new video compiled by Wolf James from our time trekking across North America back in the spring. We hope it gives you a flavour of how much fun we had over there.


More soon…..


Jul 29 2014
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A post about our poster

A limerick about our latest merchandise item, if you please:

The post it plays host to our poster,

With your wallets we think you should toast her,

She looks rather grand

In the palm of my hand

But your walls are the place you should boast her.

There are only 200 of these screen printed posters in existence & we’ve signed every single one… You can get yours here, but when they’re gone they’re gone.

Here’s a gif to get the whole tumblr community in a lather:


Thanks y’all.


Jul 23 2014
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Brand new limited edition merch!

Hello All,

Whilst we’ve busily straddled the UK and the continent playing festivals this summer, a very talented friend of ours has been working away to come up with a stunning new piece of merchandise.

James David Murphy, illustrator of our comic book and dinosaur t-shirts (amongst other things) has created this poster featuring all the lyrics to Choices. There are only 200 of these and we’ve signed the lot so head to our store to grab one as before they all get grabbed.

Here’s a photo of me looking impressed at both the poster and also the discovery of how to flip pictures on iPhoto.


More soon…


May 29 2014
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North American Balcony Sessions

Hello All,

Whilst we were across the pond on our recent tour we decided to revive Ralph’s Balcony. Luckily we received offers from hosts and other friendly folk who let us record in their homes/on top of their buildings, which meant we didn’t have to resort to the tactics of breaking and entering that we’d rehearsed before we left.

We ended up with these four nuggets and hope you like the results. Marvellous at our special guests (dogs) and our expanding waist lines as we attempt to remember the notes and the words to this quirky quartet where we covered artists who were from the same cities that we filmed these in…

More soon.


May 18 2014
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North America weeks 6 & 7

The last two weeks of tour were a near-hurricane (we missed one by just 10 miles) during which our collective thirst for a Great British cup of tea became almost crippling. Before we succumbed to the madness though, we had to play just a few more gigs. First up on the home stretch were three shows in Phoenix with our label mate and Wembley-headlining folk punk maestro Frank Turner. As we left California the landscape became yellower and sandier and the heat leapt up to over 90 degrees (that’s mid-thirties, Europeans) making us pallid folks a sweaty bunch indeed.

Ben loves pricks.

The first of the trio of Frank Turner shows was in Phoenix, the state capital. The stage was large and the crowd were very appreciative, especially during the louder and heavier moments. The wonderfully hairy Drowning Men, who were one man down after their keyboard player got stuck in customs somewhere near Dallas, followed us. They sounded great despite their missing member. Before long Frank arrived and played a marathon set of nearly two hours that left the crowd in rapture. The spirit of the show made me a little nostalgic for the days of my youth when I’d lose myself to various US punk bands that’d made the reverse trip over the ocean wearing armbands to London.


Southern grammar at its finest.

Next up was Tucson, an arty and alternative town that served a fine line in duck sandwiches. Wilting in the heat once more, the group decided that some lighter apparel was required, leading us to the local thrift store. Said store had its best day of business in years as Taffel replenished his flagging collection of vests, whilst everyone else bought things with sleeves still attached. The gig was a blast and another testament to Frank Turner’s endurance with no drop of energy in sight. The same was the case the next night in Flagstaff, a town deceptively high up in the mountains where I became short of breath on several occasions. I’m glad that someone let me know about the altitude, as I was fearful that my health had deteriorated so badly after five weeks on the road that breathing was becoming an issue. Here we all are at the end of the show before a few drinks next to the venue:

Everyone was pleased to be crowned joint-winner of the standing up game. 

We then headed west to Las Vegas, home to the world’s most subtle light show. Back we were with Bastille in ‘Sin City’ in  yet more searing heat, playing at the House of Blues. The show was great fun and we ran out several pens signing merchandise and people afterwards. That left the rest of the evening to explore the main strip. I was very pleased to recognise all three of the casinos that were plundered by George Clooney et al in Ocean’s Eleven, alongside seeing the mighty Trombone Shorty for free at the geographically-suspect Hollywood Bowl. After I accidentally role our bowling lane’s sweeper we fled at great pace to a nearby casino. The Bellagio was a strange place, a palace of desperation where oxygen is pumped into the room to make sure people are awake but not alert enough to realise they are still haemorrhaging money. Despite some decent wins from Ralph and Grant, the joy was snuffed upon seeing their astronomical bar bills.

Ralph disarms the one armed bandit.

Perhaps if I ever don’t have to worry about money Las Vegas will become more appealing, but the amount of homeless people who have nothing in a city where almost everyone is throwing it away made for an uneasy juxtaposition.

Dumbo had found a new lease of life since escaping the circus. 

The bright lights of Las Vegas soon made way for another stop in Arizona, this time in Tempe, where some of the keener fans needed hospital treatment due to too much sun in the queue that started about six months before the show. Before then we’d stopped of in Tombstone, an old Wester-looking town with all the trimmings, including these guys:

TKAK 2055 (from left to right): Taffel, Grant and Ralph.

After a strong show we returned to Texas, finally completing the loop that had started so long ago at South by South West. Upon our arrival we went to the House of Blues, Houston branch (where playing the next day), to see the hotly tipped trio that is Haim, who spent a good chunk of the set jamming to a boisterous crowd. Soon after we made our way across the road to a bar called Dirt, where the two barmaids could have been clones, both sharing very similar tattoos, hair, complexions, wardrobes and enhancements. I particularly enjoyed the music they played, as I never thought I’d hear NOFX or Rancid in a bar, anywhere, ever, let alone on the very same night.

Ben takes woman tips from the Walrus of Love, Mr Barry White.

Playing at the House of Blues the next day was a strange experience, a 180-degree flip from the previous evening. From the stage the venue seemed far smaller and we made many friends, both gig-wise and also backstage with the various artwork on show. The next day at Emo’s in Austin featured a backstage pool table, a criminally overlooked feature that should really be mandatory at any venue large enough to house one.


The shot you’ve all been waiting for.

The next day, half of our crew hired a car and headed to the Gulf of Mexico, whilst Ralph, Grant and I went to space, or at least as close as we’re ever likely to get. After a sinful breakfast KFC (sorry mum), the Space Centre in Houston was the destination. Here we got to see the main control room from the real Apollo 13, the training area for the International Space Station where people get used to moon boots and anti gravity, and a fully-fledged space rocket that was about the size of a football (soccer, for the Americans) pitch. My mind boggled at how they got that thing or anything similar up so high in the air, leading to a far more excited mood than our sour-faced tour guide. I left with a newfound appreciation for mankind’s intellect and a little more conviction in those moon landing conspiracies being true.

The inmates of Guantanamo Bay’s youth wing joined us on day release.

As for the rest of it, it’s all a blur. Nashville was unbelievably wet the entire day, resulting in our van’s aircon unit doing its best impression of the Niagara falls, which was infuriating and soggy. The venue was beautiful though, the crowd’s spirits completely unaffected by the weather outside. Georgia featured the fastest pre-Pompeii dinner in the history of TKAK so far, with various Japanese delicacies inhaled at light speed leading to some quite uncomfortable onstage ‘eh-oh’s.

Squirt’s* ‘less than 1% juice’ stat was deeply troubling.

By the time we returned home deliriously jet lagged we’d played 40-odd gigs in 54 days, having travelled 14,000 miles or so in the process. We had an incredible time seeing so much of the US and Canada, witnessing some wonderful sights and meeting some beautiful people.

Despite the demands of tour, Grant looked better than ever. 

Finally, on behalf of us five, to everyone who saw us, clapped us, bought our music and merch, let us stay with them, told us what where to go and what to see, to Alice for her organising, Siobhain and Nick for their driving, Debbie for her photography mastery, Olivia for consummate schmoozing, Bastille, Frank Turner and Xtra Mile Recordings, and anyone I might have missed, we’d like to say:






 *Its real name

May 05 2014
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We are now home but here’s North America week 5

Getting back into the US for our Seattle show was a task made much more difficult than it should’ve been. Of the six lanes at the border, only three were open, leading to a mass merge that meant that the officially estimated 30 – 40 minute crossing time ended up being double that. Due to being cast as villains in 90% of Hollywood movies, our mostly English accents aroused suspicion, so some extra checks were needed. Soon we were back in the Land of the Free ™ and heading towards Seattle, the home of grunge.


Tired of band life, Ben turned his back on the world to live here.

Unfortunately, the earlier time delays returned to hunt us again, our final 10 miles taking us two and a half hours. Much of the blame can be put down to the first baseball game of the season taking place that day, and once we’d discovered this there was a volley of invective hurled at America’s pastime ™. It’s just not cricket folks! The gig was notable for the largest backstage area we’ve yet been treated to, plus room service having ordered our food miles away at the bar.

The next day was another huge drive, this time south along the west coast and into the Promised Land that is California. The scenery was beautiful, ranging from thick forest to sun-kissed sweeping hills, and with madness abated, after 13 hours we were in San Francisco.


The West Coast could afford to boast with views like these. 

After some morning eggs we spent five minutes walking downhill in the blazing sun to the beach. Yes, the Pacific Ocean was on our host’s doorstep, and as British students on their years abroad, we could fully understand why a return to grey Britain was as appealing as a toenail sandwich.


The size of my cone made Taffel nervous.

Despite this suburban glory, central San Francisco has a darker side that we met head on behind the venue that backed onto the Tenderloin, a high crime area with the densest concentration of homeless people I’d ever seen. With the weather as glorious as it was I could see why you’d rather be homeless there than in New York, but it was unsettling and upsetting to see so much hardship.


I couldn’t photograph the homeless for obvious reasons, so here’s one of their self portraits for the curious amongst you.

That night the crowd were warm and incredibly enthusiastic, just like all the Californians we’ve seen on TV. Our set was really well received and was notable for a choreographed dance during Funeral that Ben and I unleashed after years of fine-tuning. I felt like a member of Bruno Mars’ stellar live band, although the nerves leading up to this moment were crippling. I’m not a natural mover, but I think this was a decent debut.

The next day was ours to explore the area. Much of the troupe wanted to go surfing so I accompanied them as the bag watcher. As I sat and enjoyed some music on the beach, the rest rode the waves for an hour and a half, which filled them with unfathomable glee.


The lords with their boards.

Once we’d returned our boards we headed for the fabled redwood trees in the forests up the hill. We found some titanic trunks and got our inner hobbits on, crossing log bridges and finding many friends amongst the foliage.

Ben meets Lucinda the lizard, parts 1 to 4:





The drive to LA the next day was much like the drive to San Francisco only hotter and with many more palm trees. The scale of LA became apparent when I caught one of the numbers on a roadside building which read 24870.


An army of palm tree.

That night we headed to No Vacancy, an exclusive burlesque and cocktail club in the centre of town. This was an interesting, fiery, tasselled experience, complete with a great live band that accompanied the dancers and must’ve been doing it long enough to no longer be distracted by what was going on in front of them.


I couldn’t photo in the club for obvious reasons, so here’s some neon porn for the perverts amongst you.

Over the next few days we played at Bardot, an open-air venue opposite Capitol Records, which went down treat, and Hotel Café. One our day off I got a bus from the centre of town to Santa Monica that took in the Beverly Hills sign, gay West Hollywood and a huge Mormon church. A walk from here down to Venice Beach followed that, during which I saw a man completing a 100 metre slack line, some hyper aggressive basketball, a freak show, hippy drummers and some brilliant street dance. It was a fantastic walk and one that I’d happily do again. My other LA highlight, other than an Umami burger, was being mistaken for a Latino when a man said ‘gracias’ to me after I held open a door for him. I love blending in, even though my tan is not at its finest and my and face is not remotely Latino.


The joys of the b-boys. 

Weeks 6 and 7 will come together is a super succinct double whammy. You have been warned.

Thanks y’all!






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