Our first single. Contains an acoustic cover of "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Video directed by Jack King.

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Mar 16 2014
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Mar 02 2014
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Feb 17 2014
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Euro Tour blog over on Nothing but Hope and Passion

Hello everyone.

The dust has settled and I’ve written the traditional post-tour memoir, except this time a German blog called Nothing but Hope and Passion have hosted it, which seems fitting for a European tour.  

This picture contains the link to it and just about sums up how triumphant the whole thing was:

Have a read if you fancy, I know they’d love a few more hits and they’re a good bunch.

Thanks to all who made it worth the mileage, you made the our tour the opposite of silage. 

See you all soon.


Jan 31 2014
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Save the date - TKAK with Neil Young & the National

As we’ve been dashing around Europe on our tour we’ve been offered the chance to support the legend Neil Young in London’s Hyde Park this summer, alongside some other heroes of ours in the shape of the National. We’re thrilled about this and would love to see you there, so click the picture to snap up tour tickets.

Or if you’d like to propagate the link to the whole web, here it is -


More news when we’re back on home soil. 

Bye for now.


Dec 19 2013
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We are pleased to announced that we’re doing this next year and we can’t wait!

Oct 25 2013
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For our Nottingham show on Halloween we’ll be all dressed up.

Here are some of our previous efforts as a taster of what to expect.

We’d love you to join us so here’s a ticket link:


See you there!

For our Nottingham show on Halloween we’ll be all dressed up.

Here are some of our previous efforts as a taster of what to expect.

We’d love you to join us so here’s a ticket link:


See you there!

Oct 14 2013
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To our continental cousins on the European mainland,

Yes, you read that correctly - we are coming to Europe! I’m not talking about the upcoming dates in November with a certain Bastille here, oh no.

In January 2014 we are setting off on our very first European headline tour which we are hugely excited about. Here’s where we’re heading plus some handy ticket links ->


Sat 25 Denmark, Copenhagen, Beta: http://bit.ly/19xP2EY
Sun 26 Germany, Berlin, Bi Nuu: http://bit.ly/16GohQ8
Tue 28 Germany, Hamburg, Prinzenbar: http://bit.ly/1637nwT
Wed 29 Germany, Cologne, Blue Shell: http://bit.ly/19Ifdqr
Thu 30 Holland, Amsterdam, Paradiso (small hall): http://bit.ly/1cLLRi3
Fri 31 Germany, Wiesbaden, Schlachthof: http://bit.ly/GW2tqj


Mon 3 Germany, Munich, Orangehouse: http://bit.ly/GW2tqj
Wed 5 Belgium, Brussels, AB: http://bit.ly/1aC0Zd8

We cannot wait to see you all there so get your tickets now.

Adios amigos x

Sep 26 2013
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Switzerland and other scraps

Hello everyone.

A couple of weeks ago we set off on our first Swiss tour. We had a truly marvellous time despite the strict 93 decibel noise limit (even in stadiums apparently), Swiss-only plug sockets, two police-led van searches (blame it on the beards) and said van having an oil leak like the bladder of an ageing relative. We were treated like C-list celebrities everywhere we went, with cheese, free bars and rapturous crowds greeting us in all four cities we graced. We performed on TV for the first time alongside 8 feet tall (big heels) DJ Tanja La Croix, were asked interesting questions on Swiss radio channels and played our first gigs with our new members Grant McNeill and Josh Taffel, the last a sell-out in a venue so warm that intervals are encouraged for health and safety reasons.

Before I begin with a few choice photos, allow me to regale you with an interesting fact about Switzerland from a man named Jean-Luc. Despite being one the world’s 10 wealthiest nations, it has the third-highest suicide rate, behind only Japan and Norway. The societal pressure can be summed up in one of Hip Hop’s deepest truisms; mo’ money mo’ problems.

On with the slide show:

Despite the previous night’s whiskey intake, our sound man Joel was not still drunk. These pink eggs are real.

Some eager swans joined us for a riverside beer in Zurich.

Surname Cameron I hope…

Note: toilet humour is less/un-funny when translated.

This means jewellery but was close enough to the Yiddish for penis to continue our juvenile humour.

To Kill A King - oh yeah!

The good times roll in Nyon’s hippest club, owned by their 2012 Man of the Year whose bar we’d just played in.

Rihanna’s favourite bar in Basel, allegedly.

The smoking policy was fairly stringent.

These were the highest tables we’ve ever been interviewed at, making for an intense discourse.

Our final gig, a sell-out for our debut in Basel’s most musical sauna.

Joel dressed in an Um-Bongo carton can after a radical new haircut.

The whole gang with our brilliant promoters and hosts Dom and Dom (in TKAK shirts). They provided food, shelter, breakdown cover and hooked us up with all the gigs and press commitments we could have asked for. They are legends - Prost to you two!

The new two sleep off the effects of the final night.

We’ll be back soon to build on these solid foundations…

* * *

Here are some more visual delights for you.

The first is a session filmed at Bestival for Off Guard Gigs, the youtube music channel of Right Guard antiperspirant. This features Ralph in a hat, Ben in a turban and a solid trio performance of Cold Skin. We smelled great too.

The next sees the triumphant return of Ralph’s Balcony for a second series. This time out our great leader collaborates with willing accomplices on a brand new track written just seconds before filming. The first of these features spoken word maestro, frontman of Benin City and the compere of our Play All The Things night, the simply irrepressible Joshua Idehen. Enjoy, and keep an eye out for more in the future…

Finally, it’s time for the now-obligatory TKAK UK tour poster and ticket link, so you should all know what to do by now -

click the picture to confirm your attendance via online payment.

It’ll be well worth it I promise you.

Thanks guys, see you on the road!


Sep 16 2013
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This is how the summer ends

We have something very important to tell you.

It is half with a heavy heart that we announce that Ian and Jon have decided to move on with new projects outside of To Kill A King.

They’ve been integral to the band for so long and we will miss them dearly but we hope you will wish them the best, as we will, with their future endeavours.

In the wake of their decisions we searched high and low for suitable replacements and they have arrived in the shape of Grant McNeill on guitar and Josh Taffel on drums. They are first-rate musicians and fantastic people and we are incredibly excited to be moving forward with the two of them on board. Please welcome them as we look to the future.

… And here, thanks to Wolf James Photography, we present the first shot of us all together…

See you all on the road!



Aug 29 2013
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Hello again.


After getting over the savage celebratory bingeing that followed our multi-trillion signing with Xtra Mile Recordings at the start of the month we brushed off our collars, rubbed our bleary eyes and emerged blinking into the light once more to play for our Teutonic cousins in the Federal Republic of Germany.



We spent a half a day in the van on our way to Berlin. That’s twelve whole hours. I’m surprised no-one ended up with the van equivalent of be sores, so long did we all spend on our collective posteriors. During this slog various members ate, drank, slept, programmed some ferocious midi and, due to a DVD glitch,  watched Sir David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet with the visually impaired commentary further enhancing his wise and legendary husk.


Man vs Food had inspired Ralph to take things to new extremes.


Upon our arrival in Berlin we were treated to Ritter Sport chocolates on our pillows and knew there and then that emigration wouldn’t be so bad. Following a well-earned sleep and the first of two TKAK cakes baked for us on our German trip, we headed to Flux FM for the most professional interview/session we’ve yet done. This bi-lingual bloodfest involved an extensive section devoted to the pro’s and cons of London vis-à-vis Leeds and their differing accents which I’m sure made even the sternest German raise a solitary chuckle. For the record, my girlfriend is both German and hilarious, so the Germans-are-humourless stereotype is almost totally false.


Taking over Flux FM. 


That night saw our first show in a venue beneath the tracks of the U-Bahn. The room was completely rammed, mainly due to the free tickets on offer but also because there is a sizeable proportion of Germanic eardrums that possess a simply insatiable lust for all thing British and indie-folk. Lucky us. There was a strong contingent in the front rows who knew not only all of the words but also wore their t-shirts with pride, both a testament to the reliability of Royal Mail and also the hours I have spent making weekly small talk at post offices all over London. The show went very well and you can take a look at it here if you don’t believe me (click the picture to see the entire set).



Next up was a six hour trip West to Bonn, once the capital city of the old West Germany. We were playing in a large tent in the middle of the main park that was far too large for us but was thankfully full enough to lessen any slight embarrassment we may have felt. Before this our second cake arrived which looked like this.


 It was the first cake they’d ever seen.


The set was well received with the second encore of the trip making it a 100% conversion rate. Following a stay in a vast open plan, forest- facing abode where we were fed and watered splendidly we sped back to Britain, feeling as if our German legacy was secure at least until our next venture to Europe’s strongest economy.


                                     * * *


We were lucky enough to play Reading and Leeds Festivals at the weekend. There were large amounts of people and mud alongside two hugely enjoyable sets the joy of seeing some of my teenage heroes perform for free. We’ve now got just one festival left which is Bestival next weekend. Thanks to everyone who’s seen and supported us over this long run, it’s been incredible fun!


3,000 or so apparently… ( ! )


If you’ve missed out then fear not, we’ll be doing a UK headline tour in October taking in the following towns and cities:





If you’d like a ticket or perhaps even several then click HERE or the poster above.



That’s all for now so pat yourself on the back if you’ve made it to the end.







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