Our first single. Contains an acoustic cover of "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Video directed by Jack King.

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Feb 20 2013
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Posting pre-orders abroad

To all our non UK readers,

Yesterday I spent an hour sending pre ordered albums all over the world. I sent parcels to Germany, Spain, USA, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Italy, Malaysia and Brazil. Royal Mail are sweating!


They went out first class so should be with you soon, although it’s a long way for some of you so please be patient. I’m sending some more off tomorrow, but in the meantime here’s the proof (that long receipt is you guys, next to a regular-sized one).


Thanks very much for your support! We hope to tour the world one day and play in your own back yard, but until then keep enjoying what we do.

All the best,

Josh (To Kill A King bassist / postman) x

Feb 19 2013
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Stream ‘Cannibals with Cutlery’ immediately!

Hello All.

As the title suggests, you can get your ears around our debut album RIGHT NOW before it’s released! That’s right folks, we’re streaming Cannibals with Cutlery to you early because we’re so keen on you hearing it up front and in full, and because we’re impatient/over excited/pushy parents of the future.

I present to you our debut album!

Click here to be taken directly to our Soundcloud page to leave comments and hear our other sounds…

You can still pre-order the album in digital and physical states of matter - iTunes will do you the former whereas we’ll do you the latter through our very own online store (click the pic) -



Go on, I dare you to buy several copies and tell everyone you know all about it… We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did writing and recording it. We really appreciate your support so thank you for everything.

See you on tour!


Feb 15 2013
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Our band name misheard 3/3

Here’s the most common mishearing of our name, and what we’ll definitely call ourselves for our tour to Mexico in 2015 - 

I’ve got another one in the pipeline for next week so keep an eye out…

Have yourselves a smashing weekend. We’ll be shooting a video on the north Norfolk coast. Any ideas on which song it could be for?


Feb 14 2013
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Our band name misheard 2/3

Here’s the next one, drawn again by me.

Happy Valentines Day, if you’re into that.

Final one tomorrow!


Feb 13 2013
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Our band name misheard 1 / 3

People often get our name totally wrong, usually with interesting results. As I’ve got too much time on my hands I’ve illustrated the three most common errors. 

Here’s the first (in reverse order) - 


 More to follow tomorrow and Friday…


Jan 30 2013
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Cannibals with Cutlery tour 2013

Good afternoon.


We’d love to see you make an appearance in the same buildings as us when we go on the road in April for our Cannibals with Cutlery tour.

For tickets click the poster.

See you on tour!


Jan 29 2013
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New look store / desperate plea for your cash

Good afternoon folks.


That’s the awkward bit over, now get your wallets out.

As well as singing and playing songs we are also pedlars of all manner of products. You may know this already, but for those who don’t there’s only one place on the whole wide web that you can swap your money for our goods. That website is the following -


I’ve given the whole thing a revamp of late so it’s looking fresh and ready for your rabid clicking. It features our latest model of the month -

and is STILL the only place you can buy a physical copy of THIS -

Do the right thing.



Jan 22 2013
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Good afternoon everybody.

It’s finally here!

Today’s the day that you can now pre-order your very own physical copy of our debut album Cannibals with Cutlery by clicking the picture below.

If you’re quick about it your copy will be signed by us all, but we’re limiting this to the first 500 only!

Don’t delay, get it today! If you pre-order your copy today I will be feeding it to a post box on Friday 22nd February with a first class stamp on it, meaning you’ll get yours before everyone else (they’re available for all on Monday 25th).

GO GO GO, and thank you for doing so!


Jan 21 2013
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Afternoon scamps.

As is mandatory these days, we’ve given our single to some outrageously cool producers for a full-on blog-friendly remix. The culprits in question go by the moniker of Tyde, and here are their efforts with our very own Cold Skin.

If you like it, share it about the place.
More exciting news tomorrow…

Jan 18 2013
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An old video of Ben playing Fictional State on the harpsichord when we were young.

Enjoy the snow!


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