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Sep 18 2012
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Get to grips with our lips (AKA how to get a Word of Mouth CD)

Hello folks.

As you may have seen in previous posts, there are physical copies of our Word of Mouth EP in existence. This is a fact. Another fact is that I am in control of the CDs *cue evil laughter*. They cannot be found in record shops, online or at gigs. They reside only in my house (no stalkers please). As I have no intention of throwing a mass CD party just yet I won’t be dishing them out to anyone who simply smiles sweetly and asks politely. Oh no. You can only acquire one by sharing To Kill A King in an interesting or unusual way. You needn’t do anything life threatening or offensive (unless you want to), but this will require a little effort on your part. It should also be a lot of fun. Something in line with the examples below should do the trick…

@anelame from Vancouver, Canada, has placed a Word of Mouth business card in a bottle and let it sail off into the Pacific ocean.

@lily_mcenna from London has made some jewellery with some lyrics from ‘Choices’ engraved within and wears it out and about.

@22marry22 from Slovakia painted this picture of us.

@milo_photo from Leeds created this excellent short video…

This chap (who must remain anonymous) hijacked the new software on the train information screen and got this displayed to commuters ALL DAY LONG. This is a magnificent effort.

@FranklynTweets has made these scrolls to hand out to art students during Freshers Week at Leeds University.

Also in Leeds, @kmgkaptivation made and hung this bunting in Beckett Park in the dead of night.

Sylvia from Germany made this linocut with here bare hands. She’s teaching her art students how to do the same.

@Betty_Du killed time on a boring train journey by sharing Word of Mouth via the contents of her bag - post it notes, a pen and some lipstick (most appropriate).

Zai took this photo and is getting exhibited at his college where he’s the Photography Society president. He’s also going to hassle the Music Society to cover our songs. 

Jocelyne from Canada hand-painted these stones and left them around her local area for others to find.

A huge thanks to all of the above who have earned a CD.

We want to see what you come up with and share it around, so once you’ve come up with something please send it to ShareWOM@gmail.com.

Over to you…


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